Used Equipment

Model Description Sell pricesort descending
2011 Very NIce! 289 Low Hrs!!, GR2120-AWD-"Glide Steer",Diesel, "RARE FIND"

2011-Very NICE !!, LOW HRS. 289 Hrs !!,GR-2120- All-Wheel- Drive, W/ "Glide-Steer" Quick Turn -Power Steering !!, 21-H/P 3-Cylinder Kubota Diesel engine, Hydro-auto-Trans, Hydraulic= on-the-go-Deck Lift!,  PTO shaft drive deck, and trans, Arm-Rest, Gear-Box dr. 54" , 3-Blade-Finish cut deck.  Local trade-in , Save $4,000 off new price,**.VERY GOOD Cond. !!, Ready to go !. Won't last long!!!, Kubota Low 4.99%apr financing available for 48-months, w/10%-down.!!  .

2009- ZD-326-ZTR Diesel-mower 60" Pro h/d deck *RARE ONLY* 266 HRS !!!

2009, RARE LOW- ONLY 266-HRS.!!!, ZD-326-Commerical--26-H/P 3-Cyl. Diesel, with Hydraulic deck lift,. ONLY- 266Hrs.!! PTO- shaft drive deck, and shaft dr. hydro-trans, 60" H/D 1/4" steel Pro Deck  ,Owner Used- New List Price $13,800. Save $-thousands-off of new list-price, financing available with Kubota credit, of 10% down for 48-months,  at 4.99% apr !!   Mows and runs GREAT !!

2008-Kubota RTV-1100, 2554 Hrs, 4x4, CAb, Air, Heat, radio

2008-Kubota RTV-1100 cw , 24-h/p, 3-cyl. Diesel, Cab-A/C, Heat, Radio, very good tires, 2554 Hrs.,3-speed range box, with Hydro-auto trans-(no Belt Drive Here)  4x4, Diff. Lock, Hydraulic Bed Dump, 3/4-ton carry Cap.,rear trailer hitch,  Has vinly seat covers to propect the like new cloth seat underneath the covers!!! Local trade-in,. looks  very good, and runs great !! Financing available @ 4.99%apr, 48months- 10%-down.

2008-ONLY-206Hrs !!-RARE !!-ZD-331lp-72" ZTR Mower!! 31h/p "No-Regen"!

2008-Only*206*Hrs!!- Rare find!! ,ZD331-72lp,ZTR Mower,31-H/P. 3-cylinder Diesel, *None Re-GEN* engine*!,  PTO shaft dr. deck and hydro-trans, Hydrulic deck lift 72" Pro-h/d-deck, None-flat front tires,  Doctor used on his ranch! Local trade-in, Save $3,500 of new price, Kubota finacing available with 10%-down 48-Months, @4.99% , wont Last long!!

2010 Kubota BX2660, 4x4, Hydro, Loader, Shredder Like New!

Like New! ONLY 122 HRS.,2010, Kubota BX2660, Tractor, 4x4, 3-cyl. Diesel 26H/P, 540 pto, cat.1 , 3 pt. hitch.P/S, Kubota LA243 Loader w/48" bucket w/Hooks, R-4 Ind. Tires, Land Pride, lRCR1542-42"-L/P= Shredder.   Thousands$, off- new unit and  LOW 4.99%apr- 48-Months Financing Available !!

2005, B-3030-HSC, 30H/P, 425Hrs, 4x4. Loader, & 72" mid Mower

2005-Kubota B3030-HDC, CAb Air-Cond, Heater,  30-H/P 4-cyl. Diesel, 4x4, 425-HRS,  Hydro-auto-trans, 3-speed range box, P/S, tilt wheel,  Cat.1 3pt. Hitch, 540-PTO, R-4 Industrial Tires, LA403-Kubota Q/A Loader 60" bucket, Kubota Shaft-Drive- w/ 72" Mid-mount 3-BLADE FINISH MOWER,  Air Cond Lawn Mower,   clean unit !!  Won't last long!!   low%apr financing available, great savings !!

2005, Kubota L3010, 4/wdr, & Hydro, Loader tractor,

2005, Kubota L3010HST, 31-h/p, 3 cyl Diesel, 4wh/dr, 2,860 Hrs.,Hydro-autoTrans, 3-speed range box, v.Good-R-4-Industrial tires,, Canopy, new seat, 540 pto, cat.1, 3-pt. Hitch, , Kubota LA462-h/d Loader W/ 60" quick attached coupler bucket. very good 5 ft. County/Linr Shredder, , Low 4.99 apr% finacing, available,  Great-Condition, and SAVES Thousands $$$, !!!,

NEW !! 2018-Kubota L-2501-Hydro trans, 4x4, & Kubota Loader+ Kubota BACKHOE PACKAGE !!! *LARGE-FRAME UNIT!!*

NEW !!, 2018- T/L/B-Package !!**, L-2501-HST,*LARGE FRAME UNIT!!!*, *NOT A SMALL BX- FRAME UNIT*!!, 4x4, 25-H/p, 3 cyl. diesel ,Hydro-trans, 540-PTO, Cat.1- 3pt. hitch, & New LA525-Kubota Loader 60"bucket, NEW BH77-Backhoe=7ft-7" deep, sub frame E-Z On and Off Mount!!, W/ 12" bucket,   , $0-down, 0%apr. for 60-months, **OR**LESS: additional $600. Cash rebates available, * *OR** PLUS: $1,000- 2nd implement rebate available (w/ 0%apr finacing) !!, **Sale Package $26,890.(after Rebate)** =$0-down,0%apr-60-Months+W/ins. and Sales tax=***OR ***72-Months @ 0%apr, w/10%-down w/ Ins. and Sales tax. **Also with 20% down, =84-Months 0%apr. Available!! 

2008-Super Clean-Kubota B2320-HSD, 4x4, Kubota loader PACKAGE!!!

2008-Super Clean Package !!, Kubota -B2320-HSD, 23H/p-3-Cyl Diesel, 4x4,Hydro-auto trans, 3-speed range trans, 540-PTO, Cat. 1 3-Pt. Hitch, Diff load, 456Hrs., R-4 Industrial Tires,+ Kubota LA304 Q/A-Frt. Loader + W/48" BUCKET w/ hooks, side mount hide away loader valve= convenient loader lever side,  PAINT STILL IN THE BUCKET!!,  Also: a Bush Hog SQ48, 4ft h/d shredder, Cat. 1 hitch, + Land pride DH1048- 4Ft. Disc Harrow with sealed bearing gange & Notched front and rear gangs Both almost new condition!!! ***Save $ thousands of a new unit!! *** 48-months, Low 4.99%apr Finacing Available!!! Won't last long,


1984-Very good-Kubota, B-7200-DT, 4x4, 38"Tiller,Nice.

1984-, Very Good B-7200 DT,356Hrs. 18 h/p 3-Cyl. Diesel , 670Hrs. 4x4, 6F x 2R-Gear-Trans, 3-speed with a HIgh/Low Range box,  Cat. 1 3pt. Hitch, 540 pto, R-1 Agri-Tires, W/ FL850-38" rotary Tiller, ,, V. Good- condition, Looks and runs great!!  Low 4.99%apr. 48-Months, W/10%-Down,  financing available!!